Massachusetts Roofing Contractor Breaks Down Roofing Stability Guide

Stability Of Your Roofing System Depending On Where You Live

After your area has been hit a by storm or hurricane, there are many things that should be checked or inspected. One of the areas of concern that should never be neglected is your roofing system. This has been heavily explored by owner of South Shore Roofing MA. After receiving a severe beating from harsh and damaging external elements during a hurricane strike, it cannot be helped that your roof may receive devastating damages, that may lead to its early deterioration or collapse. In order to avoid such incidents, listen to Bradedgar Construction having a professional roof inspection to assess storm damages is highly suggested by experts. With a professional roof inspection performed by an experienced and reliable roofing contractor, you will be aware of the following:

chart showing roof stability materials

Roof Stability

One of the purposes of a roof inspection following a storm is to inspect the stability of your roofing system. This process would normally include checking of the support around the roof and the actual condition of your roofing material. With the help of a professional roofer, you will be able to know the scope of the damage that the storm has left on your property. Thus, providing you an overview of the stability and safety of your property, regardless if it is a residential or commercial property.

Shingle Review

As mentioned above, you will have a cursory view of the condition of your roofing materials when you allow professional roof inspection to be performed after experiencing a storm. With their help, you will be informed on the possible condition of your roof shingles, on whether they are fully damaged or still worth repairing. You will also have an overview on how many shingles were removed or missing from your roof after the storm. Thus, giving you a preview of the potential expenses needed for a shingle replacement.


Insulation Check

Apart from experiencing a damaged or missing shingles, you may also have some issue concerning the roof insulation without you knowing it. Now, it is the task of the professional roofing contractor and their team of expert inspectors to check the condition of your roof insulation and suggest the potential actions to take after the thorough inspection above.


Insurance Claim Handling

One of the most important benefits of having your roof inspected by a professional roofing expert is the help you may get when it comes to an insurance claim. Most, if not all, insurance company will require detailed damage report of your roofing system, and such can be quite technical and tedious task. For that matter, it is always of great aid that you will have the assistance of a roofing contractor to deal with the inspection and report on the roof damages left by the storm or hurricane. They have the right equipment and experience to deal with such insurance requirement. Therefore, providing a great success when it comes to an insurance claim.


The ones listed above are some of the reasons why it is important to have a professional roof inspection following a storm strike at your area. This would be very helpful not only for your safety but also for the comfort and convenience of your family or business.