Rooftop terrace

Offering an abundance of advantages a roof terrace provides unique appeal to every property. It is a perfect solution in cases for enjoying some alone time and contrary, for the organization of social gatherings like barbecues and parties. It makes available also to plant lovers who are not in the possibility of having a typical garden to get some satisfaction in gardening finally. As a bonus, these plants will reduce carbon monoxide, and you will have a great eco-friendly option. Usual details also that go with rooftop terraces are remarkable views and perfect spots to enjoy great firework displays. Adding value is something that for sure mustn’t be forgotten as the difference in pricing may rise to 20%.

We have to be aware that more and more people are living in buildings and apartments without options to have a proper garden or anything similar. As one of the top list options and solutions for this comes roof terrace. Remember that this is not some do-it-yourself job and you will need to hire an architect and a construction service to make it a reality. Some basic stages are worth to mention when thinking about this kind of project.


First of all, think twice before deciding on building a roof terrace. Although it seems very practical, maybe your property’s walls and the roof doesn’t say so. If there is a need for great reconstruction, there is also a need for planning permission. It is much cheaper when the terrace is built on a flat roof but adjusting to slopped roofs by cutting into it or building external walls may be much more costly than your expectations.

Professional touch - Rooftop terrace


Everybody with common sense will check out what their neighbors say about this idea. It is not the solution to block the beautiful view to somebody or a certain amount of the sunlight. If you are planning to make often barbecue parties maybe a consideration of solid screens and glass panels could help keep your terrace private and neighbors in their comfort.

Professional touch

As we said recently, it is best to call professional architect who will first check do you need planning permission. If you do the project without it, you could find yourself easily in a situation to be ordered to remove it. Water drainage system is something very important to consider. A quality construction firm will advise you properly what steps are needed to be taken. Responsibility to avoid damage to property is not only personal but also to adjoining properties.

Terrace ideas

The range of roof terrace options today is wide as people imagination. It can be your spot in the sun, fitness corner, second living room, garden and other imagination form. Literally, sky is limit here. A beautifully designed outdoor space will create a remarkable area in any functioning point as for you also for your family and friends. So if your rooftop is unused and unloved at this very moment, it is time to take charge, turn on our imagination and take some action.